The Park Hotel Villa Americana offers a special service for lovers of two wheels, nature and WELLNESS!

Once at the hotel you will have the possibility to rent up to 4 E-bikes at the same time! Pedal-assisted bicycles will become the right way to try a new and unrepeatable OUTDOOR experience, completely ECOLOGICAL, RELAXING and WORRY-FREE!

Afraid of not having enough breath and legs? Don't worry: the climbs will no longer be a nightmare for anyone, but will instead become a more than pleasant health walk, because thanks to the engine that gives the pedals a more or less strong push based on your "requests", each route will magically become , flat!

On the Gargano the roads and paths offer enchanting scenery and views and it takes very little to have fun and daydream: letting the sea flow alongside you, along the splendid Gargano coast, interspersed with trebuchets and Saracen towers, reaching until sunset , or navigate mountains, lakes, immense forests and citrus groves. With friends, family or alone, the itineraries are numerous and differentiated based on the km and abilities of everyone, professionals and amateurs, as well as particularly suitable for those who want to test an e-bike for the first time.

Furthermore, along the Gargano it will never be a problem, interspersing your rides with pleasant "refreshment stops" :))

This summer, include an E-bike excursion on the Gargano in your calendar, it will truly be a panacea for the body, the mind, and the heart...


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The Park Hotel Villa Americana, located in the center of Rodi Garganico, is ideal for spending a completely relaxing holiday on the Gargano.
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