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The natural resources of the Gargano National Park

The Gargano is not only characterized by its history and the sea. This mountainous promontory of limestone nature is a small microcosm that contains fantastic ecosystems and wonderful panoramas: on this small fraction of the Italian territory there are more than 2,200 botanical species, or approximately 35% of the entire national flora, and as many as 170 species of birds nest out of 237 nesting throughout Italy.
In some periods of the year, along the wetland of Lake Salso, in Manfredonia, it is possible to practice birdwatching, observing the splendid choreographies drawn by the migratory birds that leave and arrive from Europe.
In addition to the various species of birds, there are numerous mammals including Italian roe deer, wild boars, fallow deer, weasels, martens, wild cats, hares, hedgehogs, moles, badgers, foxes and dormice.
Moreover, the suggestive Gargano coast, 150 meters long km, with its caves dug into the rock, the coves, the seabed, the bays and the beaches lapped by the crystalline sea, it is the perfect place for an exciting journey towards the scenery of nature: it is no coincidence that the Gargano is one of the most popular with motorcyclists and cyclists.
The promontory of the National Park and the Umbra Forest, however, are some of the favorite destinations for trekking lovers.
The Umbra Forest surrounds the promontory with immense beech trees and shady pines, with the fragrant orange groves of the gardens of Rhodes, the faint banks and the high rocks immersed in the Adriatic. Finally, on the sea coast on the edge of the Gargano, the lakes of Lesina and Varano lie alone, full of vegetable gardens and gardens.
In spring and summer tourists from all over the world come to visit the wonderful Marine Park of the Tremiti Islands, where it is also possible to enjoy exciting diving, thanks to the wonderful seabed, the bays, the fish, the corals that crowd one of the most characteristic environments of the Mediterranean.
The numerous typical products found on the tables of the Gargano help to complete the picture, from the excellent olive oil and Carpino broad beans to the bread from Monte Sant'Angelo, from the citrus fruits from Rhodes and Vico del Gargano to the typical caciocavallo podolico which it is obtained from the processing of the milk of the Gargano podolica cow.

The religious tradition

Finally, a tourist attraction is certainly constituted by the religious sentiment which is typical of the nature and character of the inhabitants. In Monte Sant'Angelo stands the Basilica of San Michele Arcangelo which has been an important pilgrimage destination since the Middle Ages, while the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in San Giovanni Rotondo, where the body of San Pio da Pietrelcina is kept, is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year.


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