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Vieste and Peschici, the seaside villages

Vieste is considered, rightly or wrongly, the Rimini of the Gargano; the town, in fact, is full of hotels and accommodation facilities that allow it to welcome the numerous summer tourists attracted by the crystal clear sea and the natural wonders of the Gargano; despite the prevalence of tourist activities carried out by the population, Vieste is also an ancient fishing and agricultural centre. The town has a picturesque medieval village which climbs up narrow alleys and is made up of white houses, joined by very suggestive buttress arches. It is dominated by a castle built by Frederick II in 1240, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea. Near the cathedral, a notable example of 11th century Apulian architecture, there is the "chianca amara" (bitter stone), where history has it that the pirate Draguth Rais had 5000 Viestans beheaded during his invasion. The long white sand beach of Vieste is dominated by the very famous Pizzomunno, an imposing vertical rock set in the sand. Among the events to remember, certainly the feast of San Giorgio, on April 23rd, the day on which the religious procession takes place, the horse race on the beach, fireworks, and beautiful concerts. From Vieste, long beaches alternate with stupendous cliffs, solitary bays, trebuchets and watchtowers, enchanting sea caves and delightful coves.

An equally characteristic town, Peschici was born on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea. From its position Peschici dominates the coast from Rodi Garganico to Vieste, while towards the horizon you can see the natural paradise of the Tremiti Islands. The historic center of Peschici is typical for its numerous alleys and white houses, of evident Mediterranean style, partly dug into the rock and today enriched with the characteristic blue doors; in the historic center there are suggestive artisan workshops, shops of all kinds and a myriad of clubs, taverns, inns and restaurants where it is possible to taste the typical dishes of the Apulian tradition. Also in Peschici, on the end of the cliff, stands a small castle of medieval origin, which reached its maximum splendor under Frederick II, who had the tower built, called "Rocca Imperiale".

Vico del Gargano, one of the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy, instead rises inland, on a hill between the sea and the forest. The name derives from the Latin vicus, village. A city with very ancient origins, Vico del Gargano preserves archaeological remains of inestimable value in its territory, such as the Necropolis of Monte Pucci, in the Calenella area, a popular destination for trekkers who come to the Gargano from all over Italy and for lovers of archeology and history.
In the early Middle Ages it suffered numerous raids and looting until it was reduced to the status of a village. It was the great emperor Frederick II of Swabia who favored its revival. Evidence of that period is the characteristic ancient village, with its towers and medieval castle: a place that is certainly worth a visit.
Vico del Gargano is also known as the town of lovers; in fact, February 14th is the Patronal Feast of San Valentino; it is a special day in which the Saint is carried in procession throughout the day by the numerous religious brotherhoods and by the entire population. A must, on the day of love, is a stop at the Vicolo del Bacio, in the historic center... The town is located near the famous Foresta Umbra, equipped with picnic areas and nature itineraries that take tourists to contact with the particular flora and fauna of the area. In particular, the Nature Reserve of the Gargano National Park boasts an artificial lake inhabited by carp and ducks and has play areas for the little ones, as well as fenced areas for fallow deer and podolian cows grazing.


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